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Reactive skin

Facial care for reactive skin | EviDenS de Beauté
Thoroughly eliminate all traces of make-up with The Make-Up Remover Milk. This gentle milk is the first step in the Triple Cleansing Saho skin care ritual. A delicate-textured, superfine and milky emulsion with a subtle fragrance, it effectively removes make-up and impurities, while soothing and softening skin, restoring comfort and a sensation of freshness.Pump dispenser bottle 200 ml
Deep-cleanse your skin with The Cleansing Foaming Gel.  When mixed with water, this crystal-clear gel transforms into a delicate, soft foam that thoroughly cleanses skin. The silky smooth foaming cleanser gently eliminates all types of impurities to restore a beautiful glow to the complexion, while respecting the skin’s natural balance.  Pump dispenser bottle 200 ml
Enhance your skin’s natural beauty with The Cream Mask.  This high performance “youth glow” treatment is designed to deliver immediate comfort to dry dull, and dehydrated skin, thanks to its rich, creamy texture. Enveloping the skin in a protective film, it provides moisturizing, firming and soothing action to restore a radiant, youthful and plump appearance to the face. Jar 50 ml
Reveal your skin’s natural beauty with The Special Mask.  The EviDenS de Beauté star product is a high performance melt-in mask designed to lift, tone and hydrate, providing an amazing “Icy Wake Up” boost to tired skin and dull complexions. Delivering an instant cooling sensation, it leaves skin looking fresh, clear and matte with an immediate and long-lasting healthy glow.Jar 50 ml
Boost your skin’s natural overnight repair process with The Night Recovery Solution. Boasting an incredibly fresh and lightweight gel-cream texture, this intense hydrating night mask revitalizes tired, dry skin to repair signs of aging and refresh the complexion, delivering immediate and long-lasting results. With “second skin” protective action, it leaves skin looking perfectly toned, smooth and luminous.Jar 50 ml
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Intensely nourish your skin and protect its natural beauty with The Rich Cream. This high performance moisture shield provides immediate comfort to dry, dull and dehydrated skin, thanks to its rich, creamy texture. Enveloping the face in a protective film, it preserves the skin from the harmful effects of cold weather and asphyxiating pollution to deliver deep-down hydrating, firming and soothing action for a radiantly youthful appearance. Jar 50 ml
Prepare your skin for subsequently applied day care with The Moisturizing Lotion. As the third and final step of the Triple Cleansing Saho skin care ritual, this refreshing moisturizing elixir brings an  essential touch to the make-up removal and cleansing phase, perfectly refreshing the skin and boosting moisture levels.Pump dispenser bottle 200ml
Revitalize your skin and enhance its youthful appearance with The Sakura Serum. This true beauty elixir restores the skin’s vitality and adds a radiant glow to the complexion, while preventing the appearance of premature signs of aging.  It boosts the effectiveness of the subsequently applied Cream or Emulsion, making it the ideal serum for your beauty care ritual. Pump dispenser bottle 30ml
Discover the range of products for reactive skin by EviDenS de Beauté, a French-Japanese luxury cosmetics brand, inspired by cosmetic expertise from Japan, perfected and enhanced with French elegance.  Available for sale online, these Japanese cosmetics offer women and men a wide selection of beauty products that meet their specific skin care needs. 
In reactive or sensitive skin types, the cutaneous barrier tends to be permeable and hence more vulnerable. Reactive skin is therefore easily irritated and excessively reacts to environmental triggers, leading to overall discomfort and irritation, with a variety of symptoms ranging from redness, itchiness, burning and stinging sensations to acne breakouts, rashes, desquamation and dry skin. 
Reactive and sensitive skin may be triggered or aggravated by harsh skin treatments, certain ingredients and environmental factors, including fragrances, abrasive exfoliants, preservatives, extreme temperatures, pollution, spicy food and alcohol.
EviDenS de Beauté products are suitable for women and men of all ages and skin types, even the most sensitive.  The brand offers a wide selection of skin care products, from cleansers and lotions to moisturizing creams, which are perfectly adapted to reactive skin, providing soothing and radiance-boosting action.  
If you suffer from this extremely prevalent condition, choose EviDenS de Beauté products that will help repair the skin’s barrier and restore hydration and softness, allowing skin to become healthy and functional once again.  Don’t forget, the key to a beautiful face is to gently cleanse, moisturize, protect and replenish skin without using harsh products.
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