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Moisturizing lotions for the face | EviDenS de Beauté
Immediately soothe and refresh your skin with The Brightening Lotion. With pre-serum like action, this soothing elixir completes your daily cleansing ritual, perfectly preparing the skin for subsequently applied products.  The stimulating lotion texture replenishes moisture to the skin and inhibits the dark spot formation process to reduce pigmentation irregularities and restore radiance to the complexion.Pump dispenser bottle 200 ml
Prepare your skin for subsequently applied day care with The Moisturizing Lotion. As the third and final step of the Triple Cleansing Saho skin care ritual, this refreshing moisturizing elixir brings an  essential touch to the make-up removal and cleansing phase, perfectly refreshing the skin and boosting moisture levels.Pump dispenser bottle 200ml
Envelop your skin in a hydration bath with The Sakura Lotion. Delivering pre-serum like action, this refreshing elixir completes and perfects your daily cleansing routine, optimally preparing the skin for subsequently applied products.  The cool fluid lotion smoothes the skin, refining its texture and leaves the complexion looking absolutely fresh and energized. Bottle 150ml
  • Intense hydration
  • Radiance
  • Global anti-aging
Beautifully enhance your skin with The Youth Reviving Essence, an ultra-powerful 360° anti-aging solution that completes the cleansing phase and boosts the action of the subsequently applied serum.  This unique oxygenation booster instantly moisturizes skin, leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable.  Its silky soft texture is immediately absorbed to fight against signs of fatigue, energizing cells and enhancing radiance for a smooth and dynamic appearance.
Discover the range of Lotions by EviDenS de Beauté, a French-Japanese luxury cosmetics brand that combines cosmetology expertise from Japan and French elegance. Available for sale online, these Japanese cosmetics provide women worldwide with beauty products that meet their skin care needs.
Although some steps, such as cleansing or applying moisturizer, are already an integral part of most women’s beauty regimens, there is one essential product that we often tend to forget: lotion. Offering a myriad of skin care benefits and delivering pre-serum like action, a toning lotion completes and perfects the daily make-up removal and cleansing routine, optimally preparing skin for subsequently applied products. It helps soothe and refresh skin, refine its texture, hydrate and tone, and leave the face looking energized.
For optimal skin care results from your daily cleansing routine:
1)      Eliminate make-up from eyes and lips with The Bi-Phase Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover, and from the face with The Make-Up Remover Milk.
2)      Deeply cleanse skin with The Cleansing Foaming Gel.
3)      Then, tone skin with The Moisturizing Lotion, The Brightening Lotion or The Sakura Lotion before continuing your daily skin care ritual.
Long used in Japanese skin care rituals, lotions are a true age-old beauty secret from the land of the rising sun. Suitable for all skin types, even dry skin and sensitive skin, our non-greasy Japanese lotions leave the face moisturized and well-prepared for your favorite EviDenS de Beauté skin care products. So, before applying your moisturizing cream, add lotion to your daily skin care routine and enjoy beautifully clear, healthy and well-balanced skin!
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